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Amy works as a soloist, provides additional musicians for combos or accompanies your vocalist or organist as a vocalist, playing the piano or playing the flute. She will work with you, using a wedding music planning process developed through her many experiences, to make your event as beautiful as you envision. Her classical training is enhanced by plenty of jazz and rock experience.

Your wedding is a celebration of who you are as a couple.  You want the music to reflect that.  You don't want to muddle through the planning of this event or just make do. 

My many years of experience helping brides, their families and wedding planners with these critical decisions for setting the tone of your wedding will benefit you. 

You'll have the same consideration for your anniversary event or recommitment ceremony.

  • Select your own processional, recessional and special music
  • Use my wedding music planning form as a guide
  • We'll build on your theme with the incidental music and reception selections
  • Need a Combo? I can help...

You select the type of music you want...

You want a traditional wedding with a few special selections?  That's what you'll have.  Want to do something uniquely yours?  We'll plan it together.  You can have classical music, something old/something new, popular songs, acoustic or instrumental versions of favorite tunes, all elegantly blended to suit the atmosphere you are building.

What can I do for you?

Versatile soloist

I can provide piano, flute or vocal solos for your special selections.


I will accompany your chosen soloist on piano, flute or with backup vocals.


I will also be happy to enlist other musicians to provide the perfect combo to meet your needs.

No grand piano or in-house sound system?

No problem. I own two keyboards, as well as two Bose speakers, a six-channel powered mixer, and two Shure SM 58 microphones and can bring these to your event, if needed.

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